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Benefits of availing a home theatre!!!!

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic visual entertainment, particularly the theatre going experience has had a total close down.

We, from Aditya Frontline, are; however, glad to replicate this experience, without any compromise, in the cosy, convenient comforts of your home and at the same time within the secure healthy confines of your four walls too.

And if you are wondering if this comes at a cost, or much more whether if it can be replicated in the limited area of our homes, be rest assured, yes you can and at no dear cost ! Read on to know better….

A movie going experience involves more intangible elements to cost, which we chose to ignore under the blanket of the movie experience, than the tangible elements. The tangible elements being few in between would be the cost of tickets, commute cost and the inevitable F&B, not to discount the exorbitant parking costs!!

While the tangible costs can easily be arrived at something not less 1.5k to 2k for two individuals, imagine if it is a family outing…? Multiply the number of movies too or number of repeated watches.

Now…let’s take on the intangible elements.

  1. Time: – arriving at a convenient time for all watchers. Imagine if that is in your control..?
  1. Choice of movie: Need to have a consensus on the movie to be watched. This on most occasions is a compromised one for some as its more to have togetherness, than the visual experience. A lack of consensus can spiral matters to un-scaled peaks!! One is spoilt of choices here.
  1. Convenience of watching: – A movie consists of different scenes of excellence that we would love to enjoy repeatedly. However, in a theatre this is ruled out. But not at home! You get to have total control of what, how, when and where to watch!! Isn’t that total control!!! And who’s stopping you from watching the whole movie again…and again or any language!!
  1. Audio compatibility: – while modern day technology ensures close to exact relay of sound through state of the art sound systems provided in theatres, this can at times be an element of discomfort for many. This same technology goes into the system in its miniature forms for your home theatre systems too…but with a BOON over the BOOM…The control is yours!! Customize it…Simple!
  1. Pre and Post Theatre visit stress: – While getting to a theatre on time is imperative to enjoy a movie from the beginning, the process of reaching your destination is a considerable challenge. This involves starting early, finishing responsibilities much earlier, assembling on time to embark, availability and means of commute and its coordination, assigning responsibilities in one’s absence, getting back on time and the challenges if its late, intervention from weather or other elements beyond one’s control. Can you fix a value for all these efforts, anxieties and concerns??
  1. Party time:-let your next party time revolve around a movie at home in the confines of a home theatre and a favourite person beside and a favourite drink in hand..And how many people…you decide…your home is the answer…
  1. Relaxation unlimited: – A movie is undoubtedly a stress reliever coated in enjoyment. Imagine even when the elderly with limited mobility still get to enjoy and relive their movie going experiences without losing out on the latest…and un-disturbed by the public in their most comfortable environment…isn’t that smile priceless??? Swap in yourself too…
  1. Healthy and safe: – with the advent of the new normal in our daily lives, courtesy an unrelenting force that’s out to ruin our freedom from a health perspective, it is imperative that our fight to counter it has to be conscious, smart and constant. How better can we indulge in sterile environments than in the safety of our homes and maintain social distancing, while not missing out on some of the pleasures of life…

Now try assigning a value to any of these intangible elements…impossible!!  And you will realize how miniscule a investment you need to make to not deprive yourself of those golden moments of joy that you can still continue to live without stress or anxiety…we will make that miniscule investment worthwhile!

Cost analysis

SL. No. Particulars Home theatre Cinema Hall Remarks – HT vs CH
1. Investment 130,000 onwards Rs 300-500 min for two every movie and 1-1.5k including F&B and commute @ two movies a month = Rs 30,000 PA for a visit
2. Maintenance Negligible Cost escalation Virtually nil variance
3. Access Home Distant As applicable
4. Time Your choice As stipulated Priceless convenience
5. Watching convenience Your choice, with desired breaks As per show timings Priceless convenience
6. No of Viewers Your Choice Worked out at cost Self explanatory
7. Show repetition Your choice, unlimited. At cost Pure savings
8. Movie genre Your choice At cost Spoilt of choices
9. Seating convenience Your choice As per availability Why sit? stand, lie
10. Travelling costs Nil Extra as applicable Self explanatory
11. Safety One’s most secure home At the mercy of other elements In the fortress.
12. Health Never exposed At risk My home, my zone, my control

We all know that TIME is of the essence to all of our existence and will always be invaluable and uncontrolled. But, what is in our control is the ability to manage TIME. Imagine TIME for entertainment being within your control always….wouldn’t it take this invaluable asset closer to being infinite in value?? That’s what a home theatre offers!! Priceless moments of joy, togetherness, convenience, value and care!!!!!


The beautiful game is back !!!

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Live every moment and be a part of the excitement by enjoying it on a big screen from the comforts of your home!!

You are there now !!!

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                                          Bring the Home….Theatre!!!!


The Best Home Theatre system and Technology

An essential element that makes a movie theatre experience so enthralling is the effect of  audio, wherein distinctive and captivating sound comes from various directions. Re-creating this in a home environment is where the challenge of selecting the appropriate audio solution matters.

Starting with the basic configuration of a 5.1 speaker system, where the composition consists of five speakers and one Sub woofer, The five speakers will be two in the front on either side of the screen, one below the screen (central ) and, two at the rear on either side . The Subwoofer, being an omni  directional equipment, is used to generate the low frequency effects and to deliver impactful bass, can be placed anywhere in the room. Hence, the 5 speakers constitute the configuration indicated above and the .1 stands for the subwoofer. However, wherever area is not a limitation and the purist desires more smoother bass, additional subwoofer can be opted for. For larger areas, one can opt for 7.1 or 7.2 channel solution wherein two more speakers, with one on either side of the side wall ,will be added to give a complete surround sound effect with the rear two speakers. With rapidly evolving audio experiences and technology comes the object based audio or 3D audio, which under formats of DTS.X and Dolby Atmos involve adding two overhead speakers which create the ultimate captivation and reproduction of realistic sound experiences.