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The Best Home Theatre system and Technology

An essential element that makes a movie theatre experience so enthralling is the effect of  audio, wherein distinctive and captivating sound comes from various directions. Re-creating this in a home environment is where the challenge of selecting the appropriate audio solution matters.

Starting with the basic configuration of a 5.1 speaker system, where the composition consists of five speakers and one Sub woofer, The five speakers will be two in the front on either side of the screen, one below the screen (central ) and, two at the rear on either side . The Subwoofer, being an omni  directional equipment, is used to generate the low frequency effects and to deliver impactful bass, can be placed anywhere in the room. Hence, the 5 speakers constitute the configuration indicated above and the .1 stands for the subwoofer. However, wherever area is not a limitation and the purist desires more smoother bass, additional subwoofer can be opted for. For larger areas, one can opt for 7.1 or 7.2 channel solution wherein two more speakers, with one on either side of the side wall ,will be added to give a complete surround sound effect with the rear two speakers. With rapidly evolving audio experiences and technology comes the object based audio or 3D audio, which under formats of DTS.X and Dolby Atmos involve adding two overhead speakers which create the ultimate captivation and reproduction of realistic sound experiences.