The front office & Visitors lounge in chennai india

Front Office and Visitors lounge


Next generation display and communication technologies for front office & Visitors Lounge

The front office & Visitors lounge is where first impressions are made, atmospheres created and guests welcomed; AV can transform these areas into spaces that inform, direct, convey and impress.

Reception areas and visitors lounge spaces are usually the first point of contact that a guest will have with an organisation and there’s a range of audio visual technologies to make every visitor’s experience enjoyable and enlightening. Aflm has equipped corporate, education, public sector and hospitality front office and visitors lounge areas with integrated audio visual solutions that are visually stunning and refreshingly functional.

Digital signage systems offer way finding and event information and stream tailored, branded content, display systems present multimedia, entertainment and IPTV, presentation audio distributes music and public announcements and wide format displays simply wow. Receptions and operators have access to intuitive controls that automate and manage these systems with ease, communicate with rooms in buildings and remote sites and present a professional, polished face to visitors and guests.

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