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  • Requirement study
  • System outlay
  • Planimplementation
  • Induction programmes
  • Rental services
  • Customer support

Requirement Study:

Understanding a need and devising the most feasible, economical and long term solution constitutes the core for any requirement. A properly charted study eliminates wastage of time, resources and complexities that could impede the solution and its use.

A methodical process involving all functional areas that need to be considered for the site will be laid out in detail.

System Outlay:

Designing a perfect outlay that embraces the elements of application and appearance constitute to form the vital clogs of an effective system outlay. Our hands on design team that specializes in providing Boardroom, Conference halls, Auditorium AV solutions, Smart class rooms, Hometheatre solutions, Smart Homes keeping in mind the demands of the market and strive to give solutions comparable to international quality standards.


      • Comprehensive coverage of needs
      • Blueprint of system requirements and its validation.
      • Preparation of a detailed bill of materials and its deliverables

Plan implementation:-

The inherent intricacies of AV projects are a prelude complex situations and the managing of the same determine the success of the implementation process. The ability to provide a project management team capable of an array of support services makes the task a smooth execution.

Process of implementation:-

Task Management:

Systematic coordination of activities that constitute the various branches of the implementation processnecessitate experience and expertise for a smooth execution. Our market standing and knowledge gained from implementation of various projects assure this.


A dedicated and experienced team of designers and engineers create comprehensive AutoCAD drawings for the relevant task.

Software development and programming:

The dedicated software team helps customize software and control interfaces that are warranted for various entities as audio systems, video systems, lighting equipment and the management of the environment so as to make it penetrative, effective and intuitive seamlessly.

Testing and Commissioning:

The implementation team undertakes a detailed testing of all equipment setup at the facility to ascertain its functionality to produce the desired result before handing over to the users.


Users and Operational manuals for guidance and effective management of the facilities available.

Induction Programmes:-

The successful use of any facility implemented depends on how effectively it is adopted by its users so as to aid them in their tasks. This warrants imparting knowledge and operational expertise to the users. Undertaking training sessions with emphasis on optimum utilisation of the facility available by our training team ensures this.

Rental Services:-

The availability of Office Automation products that include Paper Shredders, Binders, Laminators and Projectors on our rental programmes relieves a lot of customers from the necessity to purchase equipment required for short term use. Flexible programmes are charted for relevant products and the customer has the flexibility to opt accordingly.

Customer Support:-

Un-disputably the most vital area for any organizations sustainability is the element of after sale support and its effectiveness that translates into continued patronage and overall satisfaction to the customer.

With rapid technological obsoleteness and advancements, it is imperative that we too constantly upscale our knowledge areas to meet the demands of the market and provide solutions.

A dedicated team of technicians who have been trained in their relevant areas of focus ensure this. Added to this is a proper escalation channel that ensures time bound execution of issues to the customers’ satisfaction.

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