Interactive Training Rooms


We create user-friendly interactive learning environments

The classroom is the place where engaging, insightful interaction begins. AV has an innate ability to inspire communication and create a fantastic environment for discussion, debate and learning. Our integrated audio visual solutions have revolutionised educational environments and delivered accessible, collaborative technologies and unique learning experiences that students/ trainees to focus completely on teaching which significantly increases individuals potential

Key functions:

  • Large screen display- allows display of PC and documents
  • Interactive board allows you to capture contents to your PC [Personal Computer] for sharing, printing, mailing, and annotation draws
  • Audience’s attention to the content
  • Audio System ensures that speech and program audio are equally audible all parts of the room
  • Real time pc, white board and document collaboration with remote class room
  • User friendly touch panel control interface
  • Pre-set lighting system to the ambience

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