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Smart Homes


We help to create smart homes by using the latest environment  control and automation technologies

Key features :

  • Multi room audio video entertainment
  • Lighting management – Intelligent lighting that turns off lights when you forget to switch off
  • Enegy saving and survelience system
  • IP cameras to ensure home survelliance at a high level
  • Manage remote security with the help of IP based survelience solutions.

Security Solutions: Door sensor, Motion sensor, Smoke sensors

Motorization – Blinds, curtains, projector lift, projector screen, gate, awnings, pergola etc.,

Voice control through smart gadgets (iphone, Android, ipads)

Amazon Echo integration for handsfree voice control

XBMC Player KODI integration for video management, games management

Irrigation/ Garden control system – sensor integrations like soil moisture level, sprinkler control system

Smart Watch integrationBrands: Apple watch, Moto 360

Local SMS Gateway integration for any events (for eg: if the door is opened for more than 20 seconds system sends sms to all the users, if there is someone at the entrance door system sends sms notification to all users, your imagination is the limit in setting up logics)

Gesture integration using Microsoft Konnect

SIP Video door phones integration  

Gesture Ring integration

Scenario Remote controllers

Multi room Video Integration

KNX integration

AV control 

Digital Door lock integration 

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