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Fully integrated Digital Podiums

A platform onto which a person may stand to be seen by an audience, as when making a speech or a presentation is the generic explanation of a podium. However, modern day applications relate essentially to presentations wherein, the presenter uses various digital aids for augmenting their presentation. The convenience in handling all these within hands reach from the presentation podium gave rise to the modern day smart podium, better known as digital podiums. The term digital essentially attributes the ability to integrate digital services such as a computer/laptop, speakers with built in amplifiers, podium lamps, touchscreen for content display on the podium, various media inputs, mikes,podium for visualizers and a host of features that can be customised.

Digital podiums have considerable application in auditoriums, seminar halls, conference/meeting halls, educational institutions other indoor and outdoor applications and are available in various sizes ranging from fully integrated digitized podiums to normal podiums. All these podiums are further enhanced in their convenience by their easy portability and mobility.

Major features:-

Integrated Computer System:-facility to integrate computer system of any configuration to the desire of the customer

Interactive Touch Panel :Interactive touch panels that are of Resistive/Capacitive/Optical panels  of various sizes from 15″ to 22″, can be  mounted on to the customised housing.Touch panels are finger operated and maintain a high level of response and precision  Such inputs do away with the necessity of having keyboards or mouses, which can be attached if desired.

Enhanced Security:-Convenience of setting up partitions and racks for storing equipments safely and under lock and key.

Superior Integrated Audio System:-Podium can be integrated with superior audio system to cover any standard auditorium  with the integration of Amplifiers, Speakers, Gooseneck Microphones and other audio devices and facility to link external speakers if necessary.

Various inputs and outputs:-USB, HDMI, VGA In/Out, LAN, Audio In/Out, XLR and Power Sockets are available. Facility to integrate a projector onto the podium is also provided for. Integrated goose neck mike and LED lamp for light onto the podium. The podiums are provided with high quality cables and connectors that are ergonomically placed for flexibility in use.

Ease of use:-With a design that incorporates the convenience of use by merely plug in application, these podium are hassle free even for those who are not familiar with modern day presentation tools.

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