Boardroom and Conference Room Audio Video solution

Board Rooms and Conference Rooms


AV for the exciting boardroom & conference room environments

The executive boardroom is traditionally the hub of the commercial decision-making process; a meeting space where professionals collaborate, present and direct. This environment presents exciting opportunities for audio visual to do its work and perfect the art of communication for everyone involved. We’ve bought together IT and telecommunications networks and infrastructures, added future-proofed technologies and apply them to AV schemes for industry to remarkable effect.

A sophisticated boardroom will typically work in isolation from and in unison with other collaborative spaces, including offices, meeting rooms and client-facing spaces. Display screens, specialist presentation audio, audio and video conferencing systems, immersive telepresence, presentation and projection systems form part of a solution that integrates multiple rooms, disparate technologies and systems and, most importantly, people – those on site and those located across a global network of operations

Key features:

  • Communicate with the outside world using latest digital communication technology
  • Ability to conference with the outside world in high definition
  • User friendly touch panel control interface allows one touch control of audio – video equipment, lighting etc..
  • Audio system ensures that speech and programme audio are equally audible in all parts of the room
  • Manage the equipment easily and seamlessly without intensive training

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